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With "Fusion" Fee Gunkel created a special, sphere-spanning project in collaboration with the musician and saxophonist Marc Spieler: art, perceptible via eye and ear.

In this project, multi-layeredness goes beyond the levels of the painting and is complemented by sound. This is where Fee Gunkel's art finds its fulfillment as a living testimony to harmony in diversity.

More about FUSION:
Marc and Fee both create works of art in their respective forms, one with sounds, the other with color. Songs and paintings. “Fusion" brings these worlds together. One song is composed specifically for the project and was transferred by Fee Gunkel in a series of paintings on canvas in acrylic.
The show was shown in German cities in 2023 accompanied by live performances of Marc Spieler for the opening events. After the opening events visitors were encouraged to bring headphones and experience the fusion of music and art individually.

The exhibition was touring through Germany
Munich | September & October 2023
Hamburg | End of August 2023
Braunschweig | May & June 2023

Virtual Reality Experience
Explore the immersive world of Fusion through our Virtual Reality Experience, now accessible via the ATOPIA app on all virtual reality devices. Dive into the captivating realm of VR by directly accessing it on your device or begin your journey with the browser version below.
For an enhanced experience, ensure to turn on the sound, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the fusion of art and music. Watch the pulsing light-frame guiding you, syncing the music and the paintings.

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