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In her works, Fee Gunkel creates a visual narrative for those who view life as a complex interplay of layers. Like the human condition, her art celebrates the inherent complexity of each individual.

Her creation process reflects the multi-layered nature of existence. Each layer exists on its own but also contributes to a harmonious whole. Like the combination of experiences, decisions, talents, interests, and desires that shape us as individuals. Through the many layers, Fees art reflects the connectedness and depth that characterizes human beings.

Fee invites the viewer to explore the richness of each layer and consider the different dimensions that define their uniqueness. Her art is a testament to unity in diversity and encourages others to discover the beauty of their own multi-layered existence. Through color, form and texture, she aims to capture the intricate dance of life and invite the viewer to resonate with the vibrant yet harmonious complexity within and around them.

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